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Parking lot: Ministry of Boredom

Let me get the record straight: I’m bored. Just like you.

While I procrastinate on job applications that may result irrelevant due to impending Apocalypse, I look out of my window into the parking lot of the Ministry just across the street. Nothing really extraordinary, just an opportunity to put my obsessive cataloguing mind into work. For logical reasons I will not post a picture of said parking lot (it’s a damn Ministry, you don’t screw around with those, especially if you are an expat like me). So, here’s what I found:

4 2nd gen, grey Hyundai Accent (there’s normally 5);

5 5th gen, UN blue Nissan Patrol (normally 6);

6 white late model Renault Megane;

8 white late model Dacia Sandero;

3 1st gen, white Toyota Yaris;

6 white Dacia Duster;

3 3rd gen, chalk white Toyota 4Runner;

2 French blue 3rd gen Opel Corsa;

2 white Land Rover Freelander;

3 dark grey 2nd gen Renault Megane;

4 4th gen Kia Rio (2 deep blue, 2 dark grey);

2 1st gen, dark grey Hyundai Santa Fe;

2 2nd gen, grey Hyundai Tucson.

Do with that what you will. Thank you.


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